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About Us

Our Mission

Build resilience and prepare Jewish communities and organizations
to effectively respond to emergency situations, such as terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and anti-semitic incidents

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Who are We?

The Jewish Emergency Preparedness Project (JEPP), was established with the goal
of building a stronger, more resilient Jewish community; enabling synagogues,
Jewish community centers, schools, and any other Jewish community organization to combat a variety of rising threats facing their respective institutions.

JEPP’s educational courses and training are built with a holistic approach to safety and security and are led by world-renowned experts in crisis management and preparedness with decades of operational experience in Israel’s Homefront Command. Working alongside our community partners, the JEPP team will ensure they are properly prepared for any emergency, from terrorist threats to natural disasters to antisemitic attacks   
JEPP is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit entity,
headquartered in Philadelphia. 

What JEPP Can Offer Your Community​:

  • A training program that combines all aspects of emergency preparedness

  • A focus on crisis management and managing human behavior to improve response and reaction time, providing clarity in high-stress situations

  • An analysis of real-life situations and practice drills to simulate an unpredictable event

  • A hands-on, in-person approach to the work we do with each organization

  • A dedicated team available for consultation on topics such as essential documents, forms, templates, and opinion letters.  ​

Board of Directors

Leadership Team

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