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On-Site Training

Preparing employees with tools and a response plan to address threats and crises
is essential. This will include training them in any new or existing policies relevant to safety and security.

JEPP will provide customized training to ensure your executives, managers, and employees are ready and confident in addressing potential threats and crises within the parameters set by your policies.

and Training Sessions
for Your Organization

We, at JEPP, offer a variety of emergency response training sessions, and with our proven expertise, your organization will accomplish the following goals:        

  • Train your staff to prepare for and respond to any potential threats or dangerous situations.

  • Analyze real-life situations and carry out a drill to simulate an example of an unpredictable event that may happen.

  • The overall objective is to create an environment
    in which staff are alert to potential threats or problems, aware of the proper reporting channels, and know what
    to do in case of an emergency event.

  • Familiarize the staff with the concepts of community preparedness and management during a crisis.    

  • Enable staff to make plans for emergencies beyond security.   

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