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JEPP Preparedness - On-Going Program

What JEPP Can Offer Your Community:

  • A training program that combines all aspects of emergency preparedness

  • A focus on crisis management and managing human behavior to improve response
    and reaction time, providing clarity in high-stress situations 

  • An analysis of real-life situations and practice drills to simulate an unpredictable event

  • A hands-on, in-person approach to the work we do with each organization 

  • A dedicated team is available for consultation on topics such as essential documents, forms, templates, and opinion letters.  

First Step Vulnerability Assessment

The first step of our process includes a full site assessment. The JEPP team will visit your location, meet with your team and assess physical vulnerabilities. We will evaluate existing or past known threats and vulnerabilities through discussions and interviews.

Second Step -
Policy Creation - Emergency Procedures

JEPP will review or create your existing policies and make recommendations.
We will gather information on your workplace, organizational culture, and employee team.
We will utilize our proprietary methods to review other factors in your organization's vulnerabilities to provide a more complete picture.
Finally, we will prepare a plan that includes policy recommendations.

Third Step
Emergency Response On-Site Training

Preparing employees with tools and a response plan to address threats and crises is essential. This will include training them in any new or existing policies relevant to safety and security. JEPP will provide customized training to ensure your executives, managers, and employees are ready and confident in addressing potential threats and crises within the parameters set by your policies.

Don't miss out on securing one of the limited 15 spots available!  

Robin Minkoff, Executive Director of Beth Sholom Congregation,
Elkins Park PA

"“The requirements of JEPP helped me make the space necessary for security to be a higher level point of conversation in our community. It was a terrific program for us. The resources provided both in written texts such as the vulnerability assessment and through in-person drills and training were exceptionally helpful for our staff. The conversations around security facilitated by JEPP should be had by every organization.” or customer."

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