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New Grant available for our 2024 Preparedness Program


Who Should Apply?

Any Jewish institution, organization, and community that would like to: 

  • Ensure they have the best tools to deal with emergencies and crisis situations

  • Work hands-on and in-person with staff and lay leaders

  • Develop a culture of preparedness for emergency crises, including integration into daily routines.

  • Train leaders of organizations to be prepared mentally and physically for emergencies

  • Provide trained leaders with the tools to train additional personnel (Train the trainer)  

What JEPP Can Offer Your Community​:

  • A training program that combines all aspects of emergency preparedness

  • A focus on crisis management and managing human behavior to improve response and reaction time, providing clarity in high-stress situations

  • An analysis of real-life situations and practice drills
    to simulate an unpredictable event

  • A hands-on, in-person approach to the work we do with each organization

  • A dedicated team, available for consultation on topics such as essential documents, forms, templates, and opinion letters.  ​

Program Benefits:

  1. Evaluation of security needs and strengthening security resources (ie. Provide a vulnerability assessment for those applying for a security grant or execution of assessment recommendations)

  2. Development of a customized plan of action (procedures and protocols), including designation of an Emergency Response Team and infrastructure to prepare to face crises. 

  3. On-site exercises and drills that train your Emergency Response Team and staff to be mentally and physically prepared for emergencies (eg. how to respond during an active shooter incident, bomb threat, natural disaster etc.)


JEPP will provide analytical tools, on-site training, and a unique plan of action that addresses your organizational needs. 

The year-long program begins in Feb 2024.

Program Cost: $10,000. 

JEPP will provide grants of $3,000-$5,000 for up to 15 institutions.  

Your organization will be responsible for the balance, between $5,000-$7,000* 

*Organizations that receive a security grant from the State Security Grant or the Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP) can apply the grant towards JEPP since it qualifies as training and updating of emergency procedures and protocols.


Organizations must:

  • Have IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt designation status 

  • Have a security committee or must pledge to form a committee upon receiving the grant 

  • Commit in writing to the full year of program participation.

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