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Applications Now Open for the 2023 Cohort of the Jewish Emergency Preparedness Project

JEPP equips Jewish organizations of all kinds - from synagogues to schools to community centers - with the tools needed to navigate any emergency situation

The Jewish Emergency Preparedness Project (JEPP), the nonprofit building a stronger, more resilient Jewish community, announced today that applications for its 2023 cohort are now open. Jewish organizations, including schools, synagogues, camps, community centers etc. are invited to apply for the year-long subsidized program that assesses, trains and prepares them to be ready for action in the event of an emergency or crisis ranging from active shooters to natural disasters.

Click here to apply now. The application deadline is Thursday, January 26 at 4 PM EST.

According to a report by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), antisemitic incidents in the United States reached an all-time high in 2021. With the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism suggesting that 2022 may have been even worse than 2021, the need for organized and prepared leadership in the face of emergencies in our Jewish communities is more important than ever.

Recognizing this need, and the general need for better overall preparedness for any kind of incident, including natural disasters, JEPP’s leadership created an in-depth program for community leaders and professionals. The year-long program takes a holistic approach which includes theory, analysis of real-life scenarios, and practical in-person training such as practice drills that simulate unpredictable events, including how to best respond in times of crisis. It is based on the model of Israel’s Homefront Command and facilitated by experts in the field who understand first-hand how important accounting for human behavior can be in these situations.

The program is subsidized by JEPP and organizations can allocate state security grant funding or the federal Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP) towards the cost of training as well. This year’s program is open to 30 organizations on America’s East Coast who are eligible to receive additional funding from the $150,000 available directly from JEPP for this year’s cohort.

“The requirements of JEPP helped me make the space necessary for security to be a higher level point of conversation in our community” said Robin Minkoff, Executive Director of Beth Sholom Congregation, Elkins Park PA. “It was a terrific program for us. The resources provided both in written texts such as the vulnerability assessment and through in-person drills and training were exceptionally helpful for our staff. The conversations around security facilitated by JEPP should be had by every organization.”

“As the Talmud tells us, ‘All of Israel Are Responsible for One Another’. The preparedness program we have created is a living example of how the people in our communities can be there to support one another during the most difficult of times,” said Sherrie R. Savett, President of JEPP. “The human reaction to crisis is often more important to saving lives than physical security hardening, which is also crucial. This is why the training we provide is so critical to our mission of protecting and securing our communities.”

“The safety and security of Jewish organizations is of extreme importance to our communities,” said Yoni Ari, CEO of JEPP. “We recognize the importance of providing a holistic approach which includes not just protocols and physical equipment, but also hands-on training and investment in human behavior that will ensure the ability of leaders to respond when needed. We look forward to expanding the communities we work with this year and invite organizations to apply now.”

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