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With summer approaching and news of rising temperatures, extreme heat waves pose significant health risks and can disrupt operations. Preparation is key to ensuring the safety and well-being of your team and visitors.

1. Establish Cool Zones: Create and maintain air-conditioned spaces for staff and visitors to ensure comfort and safety during heatwaves.

2. Promote Hydration: Ensure abundant water stations are available and actively promote frequent hydration among all individuals.

3. Heat Emergency Preparedness: Develop and effectively communicate heat emergency protocols, detailing heat stress symptoms and appropriate response measures.

4. Flexible Work Solutions: Implement flexible working hours and remote work options to proactively address peak heat periods and safeguard employee well-being.

5. Optimize Equipment Functionality: Conduct regular inspections and maintenance of air conditioning and ventilation systems to guarantee optimal performance and efficiency.

Stay safe and prepared! #JEPP #HeatSafety #EmergencyPreparedness

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