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Maximizing Your Nonprofit Security Grant Application: The Importance of Planning and Training

As you prepare to apply for the 2024 Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP), it's crucial to understand that the funding priorities extend beyond mere target hardening. While enhancing physical security measures is undeniably essential, equal emphasis must be placed on comprehensive planning and effective training strategies. In this article, we'll delve into the significance of incorporating planning and training components into your grant application, and outline the essential steps you need to take to ensure a successful submission. 

Understanding NSGP Funding Priorities: 

The NSGP aims to bolster the security posture of nonprofit organizations by providing financial support for a range of security-related initiatives. However, it's essential to recognize that the scope of eligible expenses extends beyond physical infrastructure upgrades. FEMA emphasizes the importance of investing in planning, training, and exercising to enhance organizational resilience and response capabilities. 

Filling in the Investment Justification 

When filling in the Investment Justification, it's crucial to explicitly highlight the need for planning, training, and exercises to address identified vulnerabilities and enhance preparedness. Emphasizing these components will strengthen your application and increase the likelihood of securing funds for comprehensive security initiatives. 

Here are some guidelines and examples to help you: 

Complete Section III - RISK: 

  • Add a subsection detailing the identified risks and vulnerabilities faced by your organization. 

  • Specifically mention the lack of familiarity with emergency protocols and procedures among staff and community members. 

  • Describe the activities conducted in your facility and estimate the number of staff and community members who require training. 

  • Emphasize the importance of addressing human behavior in crisis management, citing relevant examples or past incidents.

Complete Section IV-B - AEL NUMBER & TITLE: 

  • Add each activity or project for which you are requesting funding. 

  • For each activity, include the Authorized Equipment List (AEL),           number and title. 

  • Clearly state the vulnerability to be addressed by each activity. 

  • Provide an estimate of the funding requested for each activity


Section III - Risk: 

Our organization recognizes a significant risk stemming from the lack of familiarity with emergency protocols and procedures among both staff and community members. In times of crisis, there is a critical need for clear guidance and training to ensure an effective response and mitigate potential harm. 

Our facility hosts various activities, including religious services, educational programs, and community events, attracting a substantial number of participants. With approximately 50 staff members and 200 community members regularly present on-site, the need for comprehensive training becomes evident. 

Human behavior plays a pivotal role in emergency situations, often determining the outcome of an incident. Without proper training and guidance, individuals may exhibit panic, confusion, or hesitation, impeding response efforts and exacerbating risks. Recent events have highlighted the importance of addressing human behavior in crisis management. For example, during [mention specific event], the lack of clear protocols and training led to [describe consequences of inadequate response]. 


  1. 21GN-00-TRNG: Training and Awareness 

  • Vulnerability to be addressed: Lack of familiarity with emergency protocols and procedures among staff and community members. 

  • Estimated funding requested: $5000 

  1. EXERCISE: Exercise 

  • Vulnerability to be addressed: Inadequate response capabilities due to lack of training and practice. 

  • Estimated funding requested: $5000 

  1. PLANNING: Planning 

  • Vulnerability to be addressed: Absence of comprehensive emergency plans and protocols. 

  • Estimated funding requested: $2500 

JEPP is here to support you through the application process. If you have questions or need help with your Investment Justification, reach out to us. Schedule a meeting to discuss how JEPP can maximize your NSGP grant and enhance your organization's safety.

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