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The Crucial Role of Emergency Preparedness Training for Schools

Cheder Chabad of Baltimore

In today’s world, the importance of emergency preparedness in schools cannot be overstated. For school administrators, teachers, and Parent-Teacher Organizations (PTOs), the safety and security of students and staff are paramount. Many schools collaborate with police, fire departments, and private companies to conduct training sessions. While these are beneficial, they often fall short of providing comprehensive, tailored training that addresses the unique needs of each school. This is where the Jewish Emergency Preparedness Project (JEPP) comes in, offering a unique and effective approach to emergency preparedness training. 

Perelman Jewish Day School

JEPP’s training programs are designed to ensure that every staff member understands their role and responsibilities during an emergency and feels confident in taking effective actions when necessary. Unlike standard drills that often become routine and predictable, JEPP emphasizes the need for adaptable and realistic training scenarios. 

Chabad of the Main Line

Consider the common practice of conducting monthly fire drills. Many schools follow a repetitive process: students and teachers know to move from Class A to Exit B. But what happens if Exit B is blocked? How will the teacher know where to redirect the students? What if the designated assembly area is no longer safe? Is there an alternative assembly area? These are critical questions that JEPP addresses in their training sessions. 

Yoni Ari, CEO of JEPP, explains: "We see that many organizations are conducting drills and training sessions regularly. However, many of them rely on copy-paste procedures rather than custom-made policies. For instance, many do not have designated assembly areas or relocation centers. They do not practice using their communication means like PA systems or walkie-talkies effectively." 

Bnos Yisroel of Baltimore

JEPP’s training sessions stand out by using interactive workshops and real-life scenarios that have occurred in various schools. Through these scenarios, participants learn how to conduct lockouts, lockdowns, evacuations, and relocations. They learn effective communication and reporting methods and understand the roles and responsibilities of each member of the Emergency Response Team.


Rabbi Shraga Sherman from Chabad of the Main Line shared his experience: “The JEPP Team goes above and beyond making themselves available to at a moment's notice to consult on any questions that may arise.  What really stood out was our experience with their training. They delivered a comprehensive workshop and training for preschool teachers, offering hands-on experience and empowering them with the knowledge and skills to confidently handle any situation."

JEPP has conducted training sessions with over 60 organizations on the East Coast, proving their expertise and dedication to building a resilient and well-prepared community. For school leaders looking to enhance their emergency preparedness, JEPP offers a hands-on, comprehensive approach that goes beyond standard procedures, ensuring that staff are ready to handle any situation effectively.  For more information or to schedule an introductory meeting or training session, please contact JEPP. Let’s work together to create safer schools for our children and staff. 


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