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Staying Prepared - Ensuring Safety in Uncertain Times

We, at JEPP, don’t have to tell you that we are living in both challenging and dangerous times. A crisis can happen anywhere and at any time, the result being lives can be turned upside down with devastating consequences. Now more than ever it is vitally important that organizations such as yours be prepared for each and every eventuality. At the Jewish Emergency Preparedness Project (JEPP), we are committed to ensuring the safety and security of our Jewish institutions and communities. Recent events in Israel, coupled with the rise in anti-Semitic incidents within our borders, states and cities, urgently underscore the need for initiating proactive measures for protecting each and every member of our Jewish community and our people.

Staying Vigilant Amid Rising Antisemitism

The ongoing violence in Israel is not isolated to that region. Tragically, it has sparked a resurgence of anti-Semitic activity around the numerous areas of the world. Just in the United States alone, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has reported a staggering 388% increase in anti-Semitic incidents since the brutal Hamas invasion began. These incidents range from acts of hate against Jewish individuals, some which have resulted in loss of life.

JEPP’s mission is dedicated to the safety and security of our Jewish community. Our experience in the area of instilling a “Culture of Preparedness” emphasizes the critical importance of being proactive, not only in the face of handling a crisis when it is happening but just as importantly, teaching lifesaving techniques for preventing potential threats of all kinds. JEPP’s unwavering resolve has been and always will be, through field-tested instruction, to protect our communities, institutions, and individuals from threats and crises that can be prevented.

Ongoing Crisis Training for Jewish Communities and Institutions

JEPP is proud to announce its comprehensive training program based upon over 40 years of field-tested experience and techniques developed by the IDF aimed at empowering Jewish communities and institutions to respond effectively to successfully handle a variety of crises. Our ongoing training program will cover a range of critical topics, including emergency response, security protocols, and disaster preparedness. By staying informed and practicing preventive measures, JEPP can help you to ensure the safety and security of your community. Why You Should Choose JEPP's Hands-on IDF Field-tested Training Program:

Expert Guidance: JEPP’s programs are led by experienced IDF field trained professionals with a deep understanding of crisis management and security protocols and what is involved to make it a part of YOUR environment.

Tailored Solutions: JEPP offers customized training sessions that target the unique needs of your institution.

Community Resilience: By participating in JEPP’s training, you contribute to the resilience and “Culture o Preparedness” of the entire Jewish community.

Now, more than ever, it is of the utmost importance that we come together to protect our community, stand strong against hate, and ensure that we are prepared for whatever challenges may come our way.

There is just so much that we can say in this brief newsletter, so we would like to invite you to attend one of our scheduled Info-Sessions, where you will learn more and be able to ask questions of our experts face-to-face. Nothing could be of greater importance than to learn how to bring the “Culture of Preparedness” to your organization in order to instill a sense of confidence, security, and the wherewithal to save lives in the process.

JEPP preparedness experts conduct these Info-sessions as smaller groups for more effective results, so we will be reaching out to our community with a schedule of days, times and availability for attending our Info-sessions. We, at the Jewish Emergency Preparedness Project are here to support you, your organization, and our broader community by standing together to protect what matters most…our Jewish Brothers and Sisters and our way of life!

Let's stand together to protect what we know matters most.

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