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Turn up. Show up. Stand up.

We are relieved that all hostages at the synagogue in Colleyville, TX are safe and would like to thank the law enforcement for their tireless efforts.

Sometimes, you can feel lost and overwhelmed in the face of so much evil, hatred, and terror. How to explain to people how awful it is? Once again, to have to pick up your phone on Shabbat because of another terror attack in a synagogue.

Is our house of worship safe? Are the panic buttons, armed guards, and police patrols enough?

Strong, resilient communities don’t give up in the face of hate and terror.

They do more.

We have to train the staff and community members. We must be prepared for different emergency situations.

That’s not just good theology. It’s good sociology.

More teaching, more community building, and more plan of action. That’s how we build resilient and strong communities.

Not to tear each other down, but to stand stronger in the face of sinat chinam — baseless hatred.

We build community because there’s no better promise for the future than building it together.

Don’t wait for others. Go to your house of worship and ask to join the Emergency response team. Send us an email. We can help you write a plan of action and exercise your organization.

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